2018 Mayfest

  1. There will be NO tolerance of profanity.
  2. Set up for booths may begin after 8:30 am.   ALL vendor vehicles MUST be parked off Main Street by 10:45 am.  Parking is available in the city parking lot off of Catherine Street.  Please refrain from parking in business parking lots.  If you are towed by the owner, it will be at your own expense.  
  3. Each booth must remain within the 10x10 marked space.
  4. Electricity is available for vendors but there is no water.
  5. Booths may be shared or sublet ONLY with approval from the festival committee.
  6. All applicable taxes are the responsibility of the vendor.
  7. A sale of explosive or pyrotechnic devises is PROHIBITED, including snap pops and silly string.  NO sale of guns or knives is allowed.
  8. All tables should be covered by fabric with a skirt to the ground to hide any boxes or supplies underneath.  PLEASE keep your area tidy.
  9. Vendors are asked to submit to the committee a description and picture of the crafted items to be sold in their booth.  No changes will be allowed after submission.  Your canceled check will signify acceptance of your application.
  10. Food vendors MUST comply with the standards set forth by the SC department of Health & Environmental Control.  
  11. If the Police Department is called to your booth, you risk losing your booth.  VIOLATORS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE BOOTH IMMEDIATELY AND WILL FORFEIT OPPORTUNITIES FOR FUTURE EVENTS.

  • The police will run a routine check after hours of the festival however,  we strongly encourage you to take your valuable merchandise with you when you close your booth for the evening.  The Oconee County Chamber of Commerce, its committees or the City of Walhalla will not be held responsible for damage or loss of your property.
  •  Please do not park on Main Street.  Parking is available in the city parking lot located off Main Street between Spring and South Catherine Streets.